Stereoizer / Widener VST plug-in for Windows



This is not a common chorus / delay / surrounder VST effect. Such effects tend to break the mono compatibility and even wash out the sound.

Download the free version to see how it works for you.

The full version offers a low- & high-cut filter, making it more convenient to stereoize only the mid-frequencies. In this way, you can avoid unwanted bass "side effects".

Mono Compatibility

Mono compatibility remains a very important part of music production, because music is often played back in mono or with a poorly reproduced stereo field. For example, think about loudspeakers in shops and workplaces, and those built into laptops, smartphones and many radios. People are listening to music in these ways probably more than ever, and a professional audio production is expected to shine in any and all circumstances.

The Hbasm Stereoizer aims to help musicians and sound-engineers deal with this challenge. It adds a pleasant fullness and stereo-width to almost any incoming sound, regardless of whether that sound contains stereo information already or not. At the same time, the effect is completely cancelled out when the left and right audio channels are summed to mono, thus, it is mono-compatible in a traditional sense.

However, depending on your settings, the Stereoizer will introduce a noticable flanging effect when only one audio channel is heard (either the left or right channel). This is not always desired, so I advise you to always check how your production holds up under these circumstances.

Key Features:

  • Filter section (bass cut, treble cut) to stereoize only the mid-freqencies. *
  • Chorus section (LFO rate, LFO depth) with Pre-delay to adjust the stereo effect.
  • Feedback chain / echo to further fatten the sound. *
  • MIX fader (dry / wet) to adjust the amount of "stereoizing".
  • Help button for quick help.
  • Sample rate independent. *

* Only available in the full version.

Audio Examples:

First you hear the unprocessed sound, then the stereoizer comes on.

Hbasm Stereoizer - Bass.mp3

Hbasm Stereoizer - Fullmix.mp3

Hbasm Stereoizer - Guitar.mp3

Download plugin:

Hbasm Stereoizer - Free

You can buy the full version for $19 USD

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