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September 2012...

After 4 months of delicate post processing, I have almost finished a custom sampled, soft and romantic sounding baby grand piano. It will be released in Kontakt 4(+) format.

May 2012...

Had to change to a new webserver, and also redesign my pages. Hope everything continues to work for you all.

April 2012...

A customer reported a glitch with Paypal that made it impossible to buy. I hope this has now been fixed. If the problem persists, please use my contact form so we can find another solution.


VST Stereoizer / Widener for Windows



Thanks for a great product. I have looked for something like this for several years.
- Dave Scott at

This is the BEST widener out there (imho) and I tested a LOT. - KVR user 1

I am extremely happy with this one. Been searching for something like this for a long time, but this is the first time it is spot on.
- KVR user 2

This plugin rates 20 out of 10 on usability and usefulness for me. - KVR user 3

Great plugin! I have bought many stereo widening plugins over the years. Yours does really work on most material. - KVR user 4

- and many more at

Read about the mono-compatible stereoizer, check out the free version, and find out why this plugin remains a favourite among sound designers / musicians.